Rooster & Wolf


Rooster & Wolf is a fine brandy made from the Ugni Blanc grape grown in the Cognac region. The preparation in potstills and maturing in new and old oak barrels gives this brandy it's intense flavour and rich golden colour. The touch of caramel that is added gives Rooster & Wolf its sweetness and smooth finish.


a fine spirit

With a Rooster & Wolf fine brandy in your hand, you enjoy the present. But the history of this drink goes centuries back in time, to when wine was only transported by ship. Unfortunately, the storage life of wine was very short, so they had to distill it; brandy was created. The authentic taste of potstilled brandy makes it an enjoyable timeless drink and today it has taken on a new life in the world of mixology.


Rooster & Wolf cooperated with the fourth generation of a French master distiller family, to create the finest brandy ever for you. Together they prepared wine from the best grapes in France. When this was finished, Rooster & Wolf put the drink into the ‘alembic charentais’, also known as copper potstills. To make it an extraordinary spirit, the maturation process happened in new and old oak barrels, specially made of wood from the Limousin and Tronçais forests. The spirit transformed from a clear liquid into yellow, red, brown and a rich golden color at the end. But most important, the barrels gave the fine brandy an intense but smooth flavour. Finally, they mixed spirits from several barrels and various ages to create the exclusive Rooster & Wolf fine brandy. A real ‘eau de vie de vin’, like the master distillers say.